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When I first started as my current job our social media presence was very very minimal, it was basically a few blog posts and a bit of real estate on twitter and LinkedIn with some photos. Since then we have increased our social media activity to include a monthly blog and regular posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Before I took on the role of bulking up our social media I spent a bit of time reading similar guides to the readings this week, so a lot of the information reminds me of how I first started getting our social media platforms off the ground. Although it has improved we are still learning and growing. I liked the graph from Ric Dragon’s video about ‘the big 5 approaches’ and decided to fill it in with what the company is currently doing and where we should be at.


Where we are at


Where I would like us to be at

As a bit of background, I work for a services company and most (if not all) of our customers are businesses or councils. Social media for us is used probably in a slightly different way to your everyday B2C companies. Our Facebook page is pretty much only used by staff members and a lot of photos are shared on there, which is great and builds a sense of community, internal marketing is just as important as external. Twitter and LinkedIn are more so used to interact with other companies and share our content with followers, usually photos or good stories. I also find that Twitter is a good place to listen and monitor conversations about the company, as per the MOZ article, we don’t always want to include ourselves, but just watch to see what is going on. Our blog is more of an information push, we have a few posts on how different technologies are used by the company and more recently we posted a “top 10 tips” style post in order to help with building the profile of the company as a thought leader.

Another aspect that resonated from the readings was encouraging staff to contribute to social media. This is something I have wanted to encourage in our staff and we have talked about putting together a social media guide for the company to help with this. On a whole the introduction to social media week very much represents where the company is at the moment in relation to social media (still learning!) so it will be interesting to see where we go from here.

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