Can the four Facebook segments be applied to Instagram?



The ‘Interact with me on my terms: a four segment Facebook engagement framework for marketers’ journal article highlights four groupings of Facebook users:

  • Attention Seekers,
  • Devotees,
  • Entertainment Chasers, and
  • Connection Seekers.

As I was reading through it, I started wondering if this framework could be applied to Instagram, below is my attempt. Let me know your thoughts and opinions!

Attention Seekers

I think this is the most obvious group that can be translated to Instagram; it is basically the people that post on Facebook everything they do for everyone to see. Surely everyone using Instagram can clearly recognise this type of person when they pop-up in your feed. It’s the one with multiple photos over the weekend, a couple during the week; all with a small slab of #hashatags to maximise their reach. They are clearly living the good life and want everyone to know (or at least think that). Their main goal is to get as many followers as possible. They would also be the easiest to turn into brand ambassadors, just give them something for free and ask them to post on Instagram, I’m sure they would love to.


This group is defined as the people who want to find relief in the worries by immersing themselves in Facebook. This type of person is also easy to find on Instagram, just search #quote and look for the depressing ones.



The important thing to note is that they don’t always post sad posts about their feelings but also the everyday things people post on Instagram. Similar to the journal article, getting these people to comment and have conversations about brands is probably a good way to go.

Entertainment Chasers

Entertainment chasers create less content but spend a large chunk of time looking through Facebook. I think that this group also translates well into Instagram, they are the ones that comment on and like images but only post occasionally. If a brand creates interesting, engaging or funny content these are the people that will be liking and sometimes commenting. These are also the people brands should be trying to target with special deals through Instagram for discounts or special events.

Connection Seekers

Finally we have Connection Seekers and I’m not so sure if this group does translate through to Instagram. On Facebook these are the people that use the platform to keep in contact and interact with their friends. It’s quite possible that this segment is the person that posts on Instagram only if they are with people so they can then tag their friends. I’m also not sure how brands can effectively reach these people on Instagram. The main thing that comes to mind is if these people are attending events with their friends and then tag the location they are at, possibly a festival or the cinema?

I feel that maybe a little more research should go into this, but that maybe the Facebook model could be fairly easily applied to Instagram, with a few edits.


9 thoughts on “Can the four Facebook segments be applied to Instagram?

  1. Natalie Lawther

    I agree – entertainment chasers, attention seekers and devotees are three segments definitely present on Instagram. Entertainment chasers for example take to social media to “escape boredom” (p. 11). Instagram is perfect for this as you can search hashtags, people, places, or just see what is ‘popular’ at a given time.

    I slightly disagree with what you wrote about connection seekers, and do believe that they are present on Instagram for the same reasons they are present on Facebook. The article defines a connection seeker as one who consumes a lot, but experiences a low level of creation. It then goes on to say they are “social individuals who enjoy using this… medium in order to enhance… friendships” (p. 13). Many people have an Instagram account, yet do not post frequently, merely using the application to follow their friends and companies that they’re interested in, thus providing a sense of “connection”. Although they may not create content, they are using Instagram to ‘like’ or comment on their friends photos.

    Perhaps companies could target connection seekers (as you have said) through their friends or ‘insta famous**’ people they follow as connecting with companies or brands their followers endorse may lead to a higher sense of connection with those they follow?


  2. Blaire Post author

    Hey Nat, thanks for the comment!
    I actually agree with you on the connection seekers statement, I guess I was mostly thinking of how they present themselves on Insatgram rather than thinking about how they consume.
    I had a lot of trouble trying to decide which catergory I fit into, possibly entertainment as I spend a lot of time just flicking through but still post occasionally. Do you feel that a certain group resonated with you? and do you think brands could effectively target you through Insta?

    1. Natalie Lawther

      I’m not actually sure which segment I fall under except I know I am not an ‘attention seeker’ – perhaps a combination of the others?

      Initially I would classify myself as an entertainment chaser. I definitely use Instagram to escape boredom and often find myself on the app without realising I have opened it! I love following my friends, family members and of course the Kardashians plus clothing labels and a few foodie pages such as @breakfastinmelbourne.

      That being said, if I look purely at the segmentation matrix (p. 10 Figure 1) I would say I have high creation and high consumption which would mean I’m a devotee, but I would’t specially segment myself as one.

      I guess I use Instagram for a variety of purposes. I’m very susceptible to celebrity / “insta famous” endorsements, where I print screen anything that takes my fancy. It would be interesting to see some statistics on how much extra revenue a company gains through this form of endorsement, as I know of many people who are purely influenced by those who they follow.

      I also use Instagram to stay connected with those I follow to maintain the friendships I have.

      Interestingly, it is not until I try to segment myself that I realise maybe an alternative set of segments may be more appropriate. Perhaps the way users consume Instagram is different to their Facebook habits, thus making this a harder platform for companies to market.

  3. Blaire Post author

    Originally I didn’t think the Facebook segments would line up so well with instagram users, I was surprised to find they pretty much did, but I agree it feels like something is missing. Maybe 4 groups isn’t enough and it needs to be segmented further? I’m sure if I put some time into it something might appear! It could also be that we just subconsciously don’t want to think we can be segmented to easily?

  4. Ebed

    Hi Blaire,

    Don’t you think the “four Facebook segments” could be easily applied to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Swarm, Google+ or Pinterest? I think these segments were created for the 3rd most populated nation in the world ( due to its impact and relevance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be applied to other social network platforms.

    I think this segmentation could be used to understand social media consumer across different social networks.

    As an insta-addict I can find myself in 3 out 4 segments although it may change over depending on my mood, whether I’m trying to get likes/followers (don’t deny it we all want followers and likes 🙂 ), if I’m entertaining myself every morning and before sleep or just connecting with friends or friends of friends…

    1. Jie LI

      HI Blaire,

      Thanks for sharing your thought as I believe it’s a very smart link between Facebook segments towards Instagram.
      Years ago I have been told that Twitter is for someone who can’t take pics and Instagram is for people who can’t read….believing or not, that was really my first impression about defining segmentation about Instagram.
      I agree that Attention seekers are the easiest group of people to be targeted by sponsors. It’s getting a lot common to see some fashion instagramers posting their daily outfits or make-up tutorials with hashtag or @ of a certain brand and again, the brand itself may re-instagram the photo in order to grab more attention. Even Instagram itself has doing promotion by working with attention seekers with high number of followers, sending calendars on New year or when celebrating it 5 yrs anniversary. In returns, people who received the gift would far more likely to post photos on Instagram with its logo in the middle.
      However, what about someone who solely love photography and simply wish to share his/her works with others? what does business can get benefit from them?

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